weekly gratitude

thank you uggs for being so hideously warm. and hideous. but really, really warm.

On one hand, this whole having more than two days off in a row thing is driving me out of my mind. I already think too much (curse of the introvert strikes again!) (a lesser known action thriller?) and when I actually have too many things to think about? 

Don't, under any circumstance, give me more time to think about it.

On the other hand, to put a stop to this too-much-thinking thing, I did two things I'm pretty happy with:

1) Took myself to the movies to see "Lincoln" and hey, by the way, go see it...


2) May have gone a little overboard with the glitter ornaments at the dollar store...

and, actually, a controversial and previously unmentioned third thing,

3) Decided that there's no such thing as too many glitter ornaments and secretly harbored the desire to hoard more...

I'm not convinced I had any other point beyond that.


1. Thank you for dinner with Lindsay! One of my oldest friends from college, she and I met freshman year when we realized we had nearly every class together. Couple that with how delightfully awkward we were still are, there's a reason our friendship has lasted for eight years. From founding an unofficial Harry Potter book club in our freshman Religion 101 class to stalking the cast of Harry Potter at the "Goblet of Fire" premiere in Leicester Square when we were roommates the following year in London, to having a picture of Daniel Radcliffe (and Patrick Swayze, I mean what?) taped to our dorm door when we got back from London, to more Rent singalongs than I could count, to a roadtrip from Pepperdine to her hometown in Texas (where, it must be noted, I'm pretty sure I remember a Phantom of the Opera singalong in the acoustically sound living room of her parents' house), to buying drinks for Alan Rickman (true story), to how many other ridiculous things? Hundreds. Probably thousands. And going three years without seeing each other proved no worry for one of my most treasured friendships. We spent four hours at my beloved Tasty N Sons eating way too many entrees and ordering three desserts. Even if we only get to see each other once in a blue moon, I'll take it... We do our friendship proud. 

2. Thank you for nights out with Dean and Robin! Referencing the above prattling (see: thinks too much) I took them up on heading to Duckett's on Killingsworth to see our buddy Mike's band Faster Housecat play. Along with just needing to see those two (Happy Anniversary you guys! You're just the worst! I love you two!), it was just what I needed to shut my mind off and just enjoy being with friends, listening to music and enjoying a pint. So seriously, thank you guys for that. Much needed. 

3. Thank you Neil Patrick Harris. Yeah. I went there. I'm sorry. It seems I've developed a mild crush on him. What can I say? He makes me laugh and he knows how to dance. Apparently that's all it takes these days. Defy his magnetism - I dare you.


Did I really just end this with Doogie?


  1. Love NPH. And the hideous comfort of Uggs. Though mine are fake :)
    Oh, I liked Lincoln too.

  2. Saturday night was delightful indeed, although I had to hang my pants up in the bathroom to get them properly dried. I think my shoes are still wet...

  3. You did end with Doogie, and thank you for that.

    Also, there can never be too many glitter ornaments.

  4. Who doesn't love NPH? And glitter for that matter. I've missed you this week, I have felt so disconnected from my bloggy friends!

  5. i was really happy you came out to the show at the drop of a...nope. you know what? i'm not even giving you the pleasure.

    it was a lotta fun! glad you got to see the band's new songs, too.