now that we're into december, it's time to relive thanksgiving!

Remember Thanksgiving?

It was that holiday that came what seemed like way too many days earlier than usual and as a result makes it feel like this post is looong overdue now that it's December. 

Oh, that's right. It is.

Anyway, here's documentation of the best Thanksgiving ever!

The tablescape was breathtaking... Frankie and Matty outdid themselves.

They actually cut branches, tied them together, hung them from the ceiling and made the most incredible chandelier! 

It looked like Pottery Barn and Anthropologie had a sweet little bastard child, bent on making homes beautiful for less money than its grubbing parents.

(not bitter at these stores at all... I just wish I could afford them)

Matty also got carried away with the gold spray paint. I encourage this behavior.

Kiki got dressed up for the occasion too!

Strung onto the chandelier were leaves with all the things we were thankful for - it was really a special piece of work.

Dean's deviled eggs... Oh my cholesterol. So good.

Spiced cider!

Herb roasted turkey!


Al Green. This one goes out to Jared, who was at his cousin Randi's in California celebrating with his family!

Worst prom picture ever.

Scott (above) and Billy (along with our hosts) helped me round out the California vs. Indiana battle... Californians had those Hoosiers outnumbered! Finally!

Our dapper hosts, Matty & Frankie.

We're all really great at ruining pictures. 

Dinner. Oh heavens.

I felt really good after that meal...

Robin presenting her dessert... Dean was the judge... Was he biased?

Only a little... But Scott still won with his bacon chess pie.

Ending the night with Christmas Vacation and Cards Against Humanity was perfection.

And I ended the night with McDreamy.

Yes, I did.

(and yes, that's really his name)


  1. Are you kidding me?? Prettiest table ever! I love the thankful leaves as well. :) I hope to have a group of friends around me like you have someday.

  2. Wow to that table setup! Looks like the food was delicious as well. I'm now craving stuffing again. Thanks.