xmas home tour

check out that photo print on the bottom from Kate at Daffodil's!

I might have gone a little nuts this year... 

I might have gone a little nuts every year in recent history...

Or, I might have Buddy the Elf locked in my closet.

(obviously I'm kidding on that last one... there's no lock on my closet)

But more importantly, this is by far my favorite decoration of the apartment ever. In the past I've gone as gaudy as possible with no theme beyond "CHRISTMAAAAAAAS!!! SAAAANTAAAAA!!! I KNOW HIM!!! I KNOW HIM!!!"

But this year brought about a new look, based almost entirely on my recent obsession with neutrals and naturals. So I divvied up my ornaments and garland, narrowing it down to the silver and gold and then... Let loose.

I swapped out any of the red and green ribbon I had strung through ornaments for some burlap twine (also threw some of that on my mini tree as "garland") and, not sure if I've mentioned this yet, but I kinda went on a spree at the dollar store. 


Which I then proceeded to hang from my (low-clearance) vaulted ceilings - effectively lowering the headspace in my apartment by anywhere from 2-6 inches.

Sorry Shamoo. You ain't comin' over any time soon.

Oh! And my favorite part!

I went on a little walkabout in my yard to pick up some pinecones and pine sprigs.

But who needs sprigs when you can get boughs

This was when my intended harvest of a few small branches turned into me using a pair of scissors to saw off a few small limbs. 

Eh. Worth it.

glittered sprigs from Michael's are my favorite

made a simple garland with clothespins and tiny twigs - easy to swap out as the pine needles shed
dolled up two of my prints from Clare at Tastes Orangey
thumbtack wreath - staying up ALL year!
tiny tabletop tree and even tinier mini wreaths hanging from twine

my favorite little pinecones!

more twigs strung on burlap twine - might keep this up for a while, too
frank likes getting snazzed up too
not bad for 500 square feet
advent calendar from Naptime Diaries!
front door with my print from Brigette on the left!

the nephews got festive, too

mini wreath made from some sort of evergreen (I don't know, it's the northwest, we gots lots o' pines)

the little hanging wreaths on the right are so cute I kinda want to name them all

Would it be so wrong to leave this all up year-round?

Maybe just until Valentine's Day?




  1. Between the fully stocked wine cabinet and the winter wonderland, I am seriously thinking we should have planned a Portland blate. At least it gives me an excuse to come next year!

  2. I LOVE IT! Oh my word, it looks beautiful. I want to come live there!

  3. buddy the elf, what's your favorite color?

  4. ummm, either you come decorate my house or i'm coming to live with you. this is perfect! xoxo

  5. I loooooooooove it all!!!! What a happy place to live!!! Is it bad that one of my takeaway points from the whole place is that you have a Wine Bible? ;)