wine + a complete lack of shame = a pretty good holiday party

I've known for a while that Jodi and I are kindred spirits, but Friday night proved it to me all over again. 

Maybe it's because we look similar, maybe it's because we're both Virgos, maybe it's because... Well wait, let me back up to when I picked up Jared (still my go-to date because hey, he puts up with me and damn, we clean up good)...

So this night will go down in history if for no other reason than for the first time in four years I was ready to go before Jared.

I know.

That has never happened before.

Don't get me wrong, I can take a 5 minute shower and be out the door in half hour when need be (pretty sure I once met Nathan for dinner with only about 20 minutes between a text that read "I'm just getting into my car at the vanpool lot now" and hopping in said car after a shower, make-up and halfway-blowdry of my hair - that was a personal record) but normally he's a quick-change artist and I'm tripping over a pile of laundry on the floor into my walk-in closet that earns its name only in the sense that I can technically walk into it and stand there, but not much more. 

Which brings me to where I was going with this: 

Once we got back to our usual equilibrium (meaning he got out of the shower, I made at least one mildly inappropriate joke, and he asked me to inspect his outfit) and out the door, it was but a gentle decline down a little hill from the parking lot to my parallel park by the curb.

"Don't fall, don't fall,  DON'T FALL." Jared warned.

Pfft. Like he knows me or something. 

Now that alone wasn't the amusing part (and to my credit, I hadn't fallen in a rather long while - at least until Sunday at work when I literally managed to almost fall down while standing still).

What was funny/friendship affirming was that when Jodi and Scott were getting out of my car at the holiday party, Jodi managed to somehow roll her foot and nearly faceplant onto the asphalt. 

"Don't fall. What happened? Did you fall?" Scott asks.


Aside from personal near-disasters, the night was wonderful. We drank incredible wine, ate insane food, everyone managed to keep undergarments (long story there, only halfway inappropriate... actually, no it's not a long story) in place and to my knowledge, only one death threat was administered.

we're both really good at ruining pictures


oh, then Scott drank his and Jodi's wine all at once

and Don & Wendy just laughed and laughed and laughed

Janna's husband Mark summed up the evening perfectly:

"I get why you're all friends - none of you have any shame."


And actually, that's why we're family.


  1. Looks like a fun night- you are gorgeous!

  2. Now that looks like a great time! And you look amazing!