merry, bright & a deja vu

While the evidence of Christmas Eve is still percolating in Photoshop, here are some iPhone favorites from Christmas Day. 

Jared, Shamoo and I spent all afternoon cuddled up in comforters on the couch watching Christmas movies (Elf, Home Alone 2 and Love Actually... Followed by two old UFC fights - go Junior Dos Santos! Also, I think I love you) and eating leftover tamales.

When we were taking these though something seemed awfully familiar, so I rummaged through some old photos and found exactly what I was looking for... A photo of Jared, Brigette and me from 2009.

Almost the same, just swapping out a best friend and trading places. 

Makes me so happy. I can hardly stand it. 


  1. I had tamales on Christmas Eve, too! We went to a Mexican holiday celebration and ate our hearts out.

    Cute pics!