california | back in the valley again

I'll admit it:

Growing up in Napa, I took a lot for granted. 

Actually, I kind of hated it.

But moving away at seventeen had its perks, chief among them being the knowledge that every time I went back it was only for a visit - then I could go home. Wherever home happened to be at the time. 

And now I kind of love it. 

I love going back, seeing all the beauty (trying all the wines) and taking all the pictures.

Years ago, when my parents gave me my first 35mm as a kid, I remember taking long drives up and down the valley taking pictures of everything beautiful.

I took a lot of pictures.

Not much has changed. 

The best was one morning my dad took me up to "Big Valley" - his favorite hunting spot in the mountains surrounding the Napa Valley.

While I was armed with my camera, he was armed with a 12 gauge (I think, not actually sure which gun he grabbed). We saw a few quail running around but while it was a good day for the quail, not so much for a hunter near the end of the season. 

Oh well. The trees sure were pretty. 

Wow. I just noticed our noses are almost identical. 

"Hi Dad soup."

So that was part one of the great journey.

Part two was a whole 'nother story...


  1. 1. LOVE those pictures
    2. You needed Roy for quail hunting ;)

  2. Vineyards and hunting, these photos could have easily been taken in my corner of Provence! :)