wedding paper divas

You guys don't mind that I made hypothetical Save The Dates starring you two, right? Awesome. Glad we had this conversation.

Remember how my One Little Word for 2013 was love?

Well it's off to a heck of a whoppin' start, let me tell you. 

What with Michull & Maggie quite literally ringing in the new year with their engagement (they did a proper reenactment of the ordeal for me in Shamoo and Jared's kitchen - if I remember correctly it involved the phrase "Oooh gee!" and the pet names "Jacinda" and "Shtew" and no, I don't have enough time in the world to explain those nicknames so just roll with it), then Matty & Frankie went and got themselves legally hitched in Washington (yay, Washinton!) a couple weeks later, my beautiful Ashley and her longtime fella Brandon (you want a sweet as molasses Louisiana accent and a guy that can swig some whiskey then boy howdy, you need to meet Brandon) got engaged and told us all to start saving for their destination wedding in Maui next autumn (that means I have exactly nineteen months to get myself Hawaii-ready which also means I should stop eating so much cheese), and OH! then it's only three weeks before we all head to Connecticut for Alyssa and Luke's wedding (please, oh please, let it snow because I would just about kill to shoot a wedding in the snow!)

I mean good lord people... Is there something in the water?

(I've been drinking wine so I wouldn't know)

All this to say that I'm kinda loving how love is all around me. I mean sure, there's a good chance my heart may explode with joy but really, that's one of my favorite things ever so I say keep it coming.

So it got me thinking...

And I started looking through all the photos I've done for various weddings over the last year or so...

And I started playing around with some of the photos I took last September at Dave & Andrea's wedding...

And thanks to the folks at Wedding Paper Divas... Um... Yeah, I killed over an hour playing around with the different templates and personalizing everything from Save The Dates to Thank You Cards.

Worth it.

Definitely digging the simple, sans serif lookin' deal of Artistic Answer....

But also loved the way the gentle black & white image looked with Saving Swirls...

And as for thank you notes, again I am kind of enamored with the clean look of Style Standout (also, for the record, this is one of my favorite shots I've ever taken!)...

But then I fell and fell hard for Montage Moment because heaven only knows I am not gifted with any sort of decisiveness when it comes to narrowing down my favorite pictures (and, oh man, I really love that "many thanks" font!).

True, as I've mentioned, the choice of fonts played a decent part in my being drawn to some of these, but what's nice is that you have the option to change fonts all the way through the personalization process. And there are about as many options as you can imagine (again, not great for my decision-making skills... Or a great exercise for overcoming this particular handicap, your choice) (and let's not get started with the options to turn the Save The Dates into postcards or magnets while you're at it - AHHH! CHOICES!). 

Anyway. There's my two cents. To all my beautiful friends who have recently been married or engaged, take a gander! Play around! Invite me! I'll take pictures!


  1. I love your "I've been drinking the wine" comment. Girl, me too. These Italians only drink wine. What's water??

  2. I used Wedding Paper Divas when we got married!

  3. I love Wedding Paper Divas! We used them for our wedding invitations & we're so happy with how they turned out. We're still getting compliments from guests on how great they look :)

  4. These are awesome! I wish I knew someone who needed them!