out of office auto-reply

shameless mirror pic as I try to figure out what to wear on the plane

So as dearly as I would love to have been as (semi) organized as I was when I bounced off to California last month, I fear that tomorrow’s departure to Connecticut will not be quite as well thought out.

What makes me say that?

Probably the fact that though I will be leaving my house around 4:30am tomorrow morning I have yet to pack anything (though to my credit, I do have a well-thought-out list of everything I will need to bring so hey, I’m at least a quarter of the way there).

Couple that with the “I’ll be there!” text I sent Mike when he said we were all meeting up at their favorite little dive bar tonight and you’ve got one very panicked little broad with too much to do and not enough time.

I figure I’ll sleep on the plane somewhere between Portland and my layover in Chicago.


All that to say this:

Don’t expect much out of this here blog while I’m gone.

I’ll have my computer with me (and our bed & breakfast has free wifi so that’s a win) but that’s still no guarantee.

No doubt I’ll be instagramming the living daylights out of this trip though because that what you do when:

a)     you go to a wedding
b)    you travel across the country and,
c)     Kamdyn is around

So here’s to a beautiful week, safe travels for all of us making our way back east, and all the love and excitement in the world to Alyssa & Luke!

We are all so excited to celebrate with you!


  1. Have fun! You know you'll look hott no matter what you end up in! ;)

  2. Cross-country flights are the devil. Have a fabulous time (once you get off the plane:) !

  3. Well, I hope you are having an amazing time!