connecticut // the return of the kam

By nightfall last Wednesday we had all arrived in Connecticut. 

And I won't speak for everyone (though I can probably speak for Jared), but I for one was looking forward to seeing one little person more than anyone else.

I mean, I know it was Luke & Alyssa's  wedding and they were the center of attention and all, but is anyone really going to fault me on this?

Kamdyn, buddy, you have no idea how much we all love you!

Uncle Jared hugs are the best. 

... So is being hung upside down by daddy.

And of course, no man with this bloodline running through his veins is going to turn down a back-scratch.


These are just the iPhone teasers the photos I took when I forgot/was too lazy to get the big camera out... And boy howdy are there more to come


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