la tache

Excusing my windblown, slept-on-my-cowlick hair, please take into consideration how cool this cat is.

This is La Tache and he lives at Alexana Winery. Aside from the amazing wines (and spectacular views - hello tasting room envy) he was my favorite part of this winery experience.

Dad and I went out tasting all weekend and this was the last stop. 

Should have been the first.

I wanted to stay there and savor everything.

Especially the purring furball who I'm convinced was just waiting for someone with a black dress to come in and play with him.

Eh. It's a badge of honor if you ask me.

As long as none gets in the wine. 


  1. not a big cat fan to be honest :( but loving all the wine tasting and your adorable blog ;) happy summer !!

  2. I can't wait to come wine tasting with you. and to borrow your clothes. I will be so much cooler by the end of the weekend!