weekly gratitude

thank you little sandals for not destroying my feet

It's about midnight. 

 I'm eating a bowl of olives and still trying to figure out how I managed the giant scratch across the back of my right arm.  

I have no leads but have, at the very least, concluded that one has little to do with the other.

Perhaps if I eat one more olive?


1. Thank you for the chance to finally catch up with Ashley and Maria! I know I already wrote about it but it's worth mentioning again (three outta the original four of us - that ain't bad!). Back when Ash, Maria, Laura and I all worked together at the restaurant life made it easy on us - we could see each other all the time, even if only at work. But once a couple of years went by, new jobs were found, new homes were found, marriages, babies, moves... You get it. It was ridiculous for us to realize a year had gone by since we'd been able to get all three of us together in the same place and the same time. But true to any friendship worth its salt, truly no time had passed. Though there was a fourth chair at our table woefully lacking a certain Laura Perrigo (we miss you dammit!), being with these two is still setting a smile on my face. I have a few little families here in Portland and those girls are two of the sisters I never had. My blessings know no bounds. 

2. Thank you - while I'm on the subject - for Laura. Around midnight on Wednesday my phone rang and the image of my sweet baby Jack popped up on my screen signaling my Laura on the other end. Have I told you about this girl before? She was one of my first true best friends here in Portland. I'd been here about four months when Helios came back from a business trip on the east coast telling Brigette and me he'd met a gal about our age on the plane ride home. They'd been the only two to laugh at a movie on an otherwise silent flight. She was moving to Portland, didn't know many people and he'd adopted her into the world of pseudo-nieces I was already happily a part of. We all met up one day for a movie and dinner and by the time the evening ended I knew I'd found a friend. Of course I didn't know then what our friendship would come to be - I couldn't have known we'd stay up late at night eating french toast and drinking wine in the living room of Brigette's and my old apartment. I couldn't have known she'd be the one to leave Portland first only to come back and be one of the biggest reasons I wanted to move back myself. How could I have known that day that a couple years later, as we were setting up the bar for another busy day at the restaurant that she'd ask me to stand up next to her as she married the man of her dreams? Or that I'd be walking laps around the maternity ward with her listening to the gentle thump-thump-thump  of her baby's heartbeat just hours before he came into the world? I certainly couldn't have known I'd be crammed into a tiny booth, eating french toast with her one last time at a greasy breakfast joint before she and her husband and that same sweet baby packed up their car to drive east to Montana nearly one year ago. But I suppose I also couldn't have known that I'd be flying into the Big Sky Country myself to visit that same girl who landed in Portland with not much more than a camera and a pair of cowboy boots. A phone call can never do justice to a friendship that used to spend hours at lunch, wandering about our city, eating cupcakes and deciding that yes, happy hour sounds like a wonderful idea... But the point is that I love getting calls from that busy mama and I simply cannot wait to attack her with hugs come July 1st! 

3. Thank you for summertime. Even though we're currently experiencing more of a Juneuary here in Portland (so true Holly!) there is just enough sun and summer-ness to justify the obscene amount of country music I've been listening to lately. I can't help it. The weather warms up and all I want to do is throw on my cowboy boots, roll down the windows and let Luke Bryan and Jason Aldean do with me what they will. Musically, of course. 

4. Thank you for Orion:


Well kids, I'm heading into day 4 of 6 at work and then Friday my Dad gets here for Father's Day weekend!

Busy, busy, busy... But so excited! 


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