weekly gratitude

thank you for the feet that walked all my friends to the same place for an evening with tim barry


You know when people say things like, 

"I'm getting too old for this!"

and you want to smack them because they are still so young 

(and out of their element, Donny)?

Well, here's me, being an annoying contradiction.

I'm getting too old for this.

"This" meaning too old to stay up until 3am two nights in a row when I have to be at work both of the following days.

All this to say that the reason I once again didn't get this post up when I intended was because both Sunday and Monday night I came home and crashed on the couch before I could be productive in any way.

(oh, and then last night when I was finally going to get this done my internet was down so I opted instead to paint and watch Can't Hardly Wait)


1. Thank you for Friday night with the Camaraderie at The Hawthorne Lounge to see Tim Barry! Sweet serendipity once again swooped in to change up a few of our individual plans and landed all seven of us together for the first time in... Man, I don't even know how long (that alone tells you how great it was to get everyone together)! Dean, Robin, Shamoo, Jared and I met up with Michull and Maggie a little before the show for a drink or two and, aside from Jared waving too enthusiastically when they showed up and knocking the Makers out of Shamoo's hand, a good time was had by all. And then... Oh my... Then Tim stepped up to the mic (pictures and video to come). I hadn't seen him live before and let me tell you, this was the perfect setting for a first timer like me. All in all, it was another night of all of us singing, stomping our heels into the ground, arms around each other, belting out "Church Of Level Track" into the night. There's no price that could ever be put on that. Just a whole lotta blessings to be counted. Again and again and again. 

2. Thank you for days to just get stuff done. It sounds so silly but really, is there much more satisfying a day than having a list of just everyday things that need getting done and actually doing it? I had a whole litany of errands to run and the feeling of crossing that last item off my list was deeply satisfying. I am so grateful to have a work schedule that allows me random weekdays off when I can get things done.

3. Thank you for dinner with the girls at Wendy's after a long day at work on Saturday night (even if it did make for an extremely long Sunday). I work with some pretty spectacular women and good lawd, do we know how to have a good time.

4. Thank you for this text from my boss Monday morning:

5. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of a pretty incredible house church community. Every month I leave so joyful and filled with love and spirit. And I am especially grateful for a group of people willing to add my prayers to theirs, taking on the things that weigh on my mind and making them their own so that I don't have to bear my worry all on my own. And when there's something I know needs more prayer than I alone can accomplish, I love knowing there is an entire family of people willing to lift those prayers up a little higher for me. 

6. Thank you for the person who can make me gut laugh like no other. 

7. Thank you for Blake's latest tweet: 

"Hey guy @ gym. what do you regret more: your 3 brow rings or your Xmas wreath arm tattoo? What's that? Your overall general aesthetic? Oh ok."

8. Thank you for Brigette finishing up her first big order! If you haven't already, go check out her shop and add some happiness to your home!

9. Thank you for She Reads Truth

10. Thank you for 4th of July in Montana - flights are BOOKED! Ready to throw on my cowboy boots, snuggle up with my baby Jack and love on my Laura (and John too, of course, I miss him too!).


So now with internet at full capacity I find that my coffee grinder has gone on strike so I will now be packing up and trekking down to the coffee shop for sustenance. 

Happy (mid) Week, all!


  1. I love all of yours shoes. Ohmuhgosh

  2. I love the feeling I get when I cross things off my to-do list. Congrats :)
    Who would get a seasonal tattoo? Ever? That's like keeping your Christmas tree up all year. Not that I did that or anything. I took it down in March.

  3. I stayed up til 1 drinking my my brothers on Saturday and Im still tired. Sadly, I am really too old for this. Cant wait to see the videos from the show though. I love all the instagram pics!