recipe | quinoa super salad



This hardly even qualifies as a recipe. It is so stupid-easy and delicious that I'm not sure a proper word has been invented.

If you don't like the simplicity of this salad, or manage to mess it up somehow, I don't think we can be friends anymore.

(unless you don't like quinoa... or black beans... or garlic... in which case we probably weren't friends to begin with)

(I'm obviously exaggerating for dramatic effect here... I love you all)

But truly, if you're in need of a ridiculously quick and healthy meal then this is one for you. And since I'm a big fan of "one bowl" meals this has become one of my go-to week night dinners (turned lunch the next day), the ingredients of which I keep on hand at all times for those nights when I realize I haven't gone grocery shopping in two weeks.

(not that I ever let responsibilities like grocery shopping or going to the bank or post office fall by the wayside ever... I mean come on...)

Quinoa Super Salad


1 cup quinoa, cooked according to package instructions
1 can black beans
1 can sweet corn
1 can diced tomatoes (I use no-salt-added)
1/2 cup diced raw onions (I usually use sweet onions)
a few cloves minced garlic (if the taste of raw garlic is too much you could always sautee lightly)
salt & pepper to taste

optional add-ins:

diced fresh avocado (highly recommended)
chopped parsley
chopped spinach
crumbled goat cheese
chicken breast


Once quinoa is cool, mix all ingredients together in a large bowl.

The beauty of this is that quinoa is such a great source of protein so if you don't want to add any meat or cheese you certainly don't need it. And the natural flavors of all the goodies in this (not to mention the little bit of residual "juices" from the canned goods) provide a great amount of flavor so all you really need is a little salt and pepper to season this dish. And I love that everything in it (except the onions and garlic) have a long shelf life so keeping them as pantry staples is great!

I usually eat this cold with a baked chicken breast on top then feast on the leftovers for a couple days.

I've also found this makes a great chip dip.

Hmm. Now I'm hungry again.


  1. Woah there, yum. I love me some kee-no-a (please say you saw the Bachlorette?). Avocado sounds divine in the combination. This is going to fill my summer.