two outta three

Maria, Ashley & I basically deserve each other. And we're good with that.
So here's the phenomenon with the three of us:

We can usually manage to get any configuration of two of us together but for some reason, three is nigh impossible (let alone four - Laura, come back!)

So when we actually got our collective acts together and huddled in around a plate of nachos & ceviche at Que Pasa last night I half expected the universe to be like, 

"All three?! Woops, my bad, I wasn't paying attention - oh well, enjoy your margaritas."

All this to say, it had been almost a year since we'd all been together (yeah, John & Laura's wedding was the last time - I know) and we vowed not to be so lame in the year to come.

Should be easier now that Ashley and Brandon bought a house - housewarming party anyone?


  1. Okay ummm, a year without the besties getting together?! Thats just insane.

  2. Giggle, those must be the sweetest photos ever!!! Have a great day, sweetie. xo