autumn child has a birthday

Once upon a time, in a magical place tucked away behind the theater at a whimsical place called Pepperdine, there were two little turkeys.

One named Brigette, the other named Lauren. 

They worked in a place called the Scene Shop where they built big, beautiful sets for shows like Grapes of Wrath and Music Man.

For some reason, their boss thought it was a good idea to give these two power tools and various non-washable substances like paints and assorted adhesives. Several injuries and paint wars later, the verdict is still out as to whether that same decision would be made again considering neither one of them has met a staircase they haven't managed to fall up, down, into, or over.

I digress.

But springing from that trust in their so-called abilities, came a friendship.

A friendship built on seven years, multiple moves, more viewings of You've Got Mail  than should be legal, a corn maze, apple-picking, pumpkin-hunting, general frooning, Scuttle impersonations, stupid voices, making people nervous, running into inanimate objects, running into animate objects, singing too loud in the car, dancing like fools in public, never being able to remember Kenneth Branagh, 101 Dalmatians on the 101, branching out from wearing too much black, screaming like a man, chimichangas dipped in nacho cheese, Winnie The Pooh cookies, "is this haunted room actually stretching?", there-are-three-mallards-in-that-pond, "IPE-ri-cots" (remember that wayward accent?), ham, ham, HAM!

What's my point?

Happy birthday my little wombat!

Love you all the way from here to there!


  1. You have the most fun filled life!

  2. Happy Birthday to your friend! And I like your eyeliner in that picture. Why can't I wear pretty, old hollywood movie star perfection makeup and look good in it? When I wear eyeliner, we can all point and laugh that my right eye is droopy-ier (let's go with it) than my left. #firstworldproblems

  3. I love you soooo much! I was so caught up on Monday I forgot to comment but this of course made my day! Forgot about that damn apricot, hahaha!