indiana | party down

Once Kamdyn woke up from his nap, it was a logical next step to jump behind the wheel of Great Grandpa's classic Impala. 

But more importantly, the logical next step was to party right on down with our bad selves. 

(This is the part where I make absolutely no apology for the obscene amount of photos because it's the only way to do justice to the party that ensued once we got to the reception)

Making it official

Maid of Honor's speech... Alyssa only cried a little

Sister love
Best Man's speech... Dave was nervous about this one...
Dave's Grandpa

Cutting the cake... The cheesecake... Which I realized later I never ate

Kam found a good hiding place under the head table
Cousins running amuck... Amuck, amuck, amuck!
First dance

Family dance... This photo kills me
Father Daughter dance (oh yes, I cried)

Mother Son dance

Sue and her Tom
Grandma & Grandpa Bandor (married 55 years!)
Grandma & Grandpa Alter (married 57 years!!!)

Tom (their dad) and Susan
Remember I mentioned their cousin Kris? Well this is him, with Jeff (left) and their baby sister Ali... This family is the best.
Seriously, check out those moves.

They might be father and son... Don't know, not much family resemblance there...
They might be related too.
Tossing the bouquet!

Garter toss!
Dave's little brother caught it!

Dancing with Grandma & Grandpa Alter

Dave's grandpa jumped in on the Dollar Dance - to dance with Dave
Tom and Terra - Father daughter dance with his baby girl

And then Jared decided to do the Dollar Dance... 
And took a flying leap into Dave's arms.
Then he decided he should probably dance with his sister too.

The party really got started once ALL the siblings got on the dance floor...

Alyssa & Luke breaking it down

This looks about right...

Paul decided to give Jared a taste of his own medicine
Getting Grandpa to do a jig (the man still has the moves)

Cousins... Never let them see the camera... They will be awful

Apparently Jared's not the only firefighter in the family.
Photobooth fun

The brothers bearding poor Terra

Bryan knew how to top the evening off right (whiskey is always the answer to that riddle)
Dakota doing his dance
I had to grab a snuggle with baby Ethan (their cousin Amber & Bryan's new baby)
Bryan and Dave are made for each other
Andrea and her father in law

Kamdyn was having a meltdown... Kisses make it better
This sums up the cousins pretty well...
Leave it to their moms to photobomb the picture properly

The best sendoff ever... Oh, and they did it twice, because they had so much fun doing it the first time... True story.
Sidenote: Forrest is in the same fire training program Jared was in back in high school... He wears the same helmet... There's a legacy in the making.
And the money shot... Love really is all you need.

Thus wraps up the Great Indiana Adventure of 2012.

Have I mentioned that this was one of the most amazing weddings I've ever been to? 

For five days it was pure chaos and running around and trying to see friends and family and eating and drinking and taking more pictures than I've ever taken in my life and... It was perfect.

I am so unbelievably thankful to have been a part of it and will cherish these memories for the rest of my life.

Congratulations again to Mr. & Mrs. Zion! 

Love to all.


  1. WOW!!!! I can feel the love and happiness at that wedding just by looking at your pictures. What a great time! I love weddings that include, music, booze, and dancing. Those are always the most fun! So glad you captured everything for them! I know they appreciate that!!

  2. I want to comment on every picture, but I can't, so here are my highlights:
    Grandparents in love after 55 and 57 years. That is all I can hope for in my marriage, how lucky they are!!
    Family dance
    The composition and lighting of your sparkler shots, that is hard stuff.
    O and I have one more, but its awkward Blogger overly invested in your life stuff, so I'm just going to text you, k?

    Wonderful, wonderful job my friend!

  3. if i could birth a child that came out exactly like Kamdyn, my life would be complete. He's perfect! Haha. beautiful pictures, Lairen!!!