indiana | the big day

The morning of the wedding all of us gals woke up bright and early to start getting ready.

Kamdyn was bright-eyed and bushy-tailed too. And while his momma was focused on hair and makeup, Kam had only one thing on his mind:

"Play blocks!"

And so in between getting ready, taking pictures, and inhaling coffee that's what we did.

We also put bags on our head - a vital part of the getting ready process.
Sisters making the bride even more beautiful.

Kam showed me the finer points of tower building - and tower knocking-over

"Uncle Jared!!!"

"Uncle Luke - here."

Kamdyn's teeny tiny little ascot.
The men hitching the trailer to haul the chairs to the ceremony. 

Terra is so pretty!
Sisters of the bride getting the Mother of the bride all dolled up!

The dress.

Kam was a big help.
Favorite picture of Kamdyn & Aunt Terra

Baby belly! 

Favorite picture of Kamdyn and his momma
Favorite shot of mother and bride

Bride and her bridesmaids.
Oakley wanted in on the fun. 

Had to make sure I got some Erath to Indiana! 

Angry face!

Getting this kid out of the bath is an event in itself.

So these are wildly out of order, but I'm too lazy to reorganize them because 

Blogger + photo uploads = Lauren wishes she could have a drink before noon

Only a couple more posts on the wedding (ceremony & reception!) then we'll be back to our regularly scheduled programming (which will probably include musings on autumn and a few others things I've been all wound up about lately).


On that note, I'm off to find a Pumpkin Spice Latte.


  1. Love all these photos. Girl, you spent some serious time just UPLOADING the things to blogger! I can't imagine the time spent downloading them to your computer AND editing. Hats off to you!!