on apple season & regrets in terms of dairy products

I keep buying honeycrisps.

So far the winners have been tucked away at Trader Joe's (as pictured above).

(sidenote while we're on the subject: do NOT be tricked into trying the Wild Salmon Jerky at TJ's... I guess the Trader was bound to let me down someday, I just didn't think it would come so soon)

I found some smaller contenders at Freddies tonight, but the verdict is still out because when I got home I ate sushi instead of apples.

And then I secretly wished I'd bought a wedge of bleu cheese before I left work because I could sure go for a good cheese binge right about now.

Also, on a related note, the Murray's Cheese Shop in said Freddies sells hats in an odd shade of yellow that say "Big Cheese" on them.

And while a big part of me thinks they're actually pretty hideous, another big part of me (the cheesy part of me) is seriously considering it.


  1. My favorites are Golden Delicious. I've found good ones at Freddies, WalMart(!), and the commissary.
    You should get the cheese hat.