indiana | the rehearsal dinner

Still with me?

Yay! Thanks. 

I should be done with the Indiana memories by week's end (that statement will either entice you of frighten you - the choice is yours) so bear with me because I'm having a ball reliving all the fun of that trip. 

These have quickly become some of my favorite photos of all time.

I mean come on... This family is stupidly photogenic. 

Can your heart handle this?
Kamdyn and his MeeMaw (Jared's mom)

Grandpa Alter & Jared
These guys...

Kam practicing his ring-bearing skills (nailed it)

Oh good lord, they are so cute
Three generations of the clan

Groomsmen gift (with a tag made by some wandering Oregonian...)

Grandma & Grandpa Bandor
Grandpa & Grandma Alter
Drink up me hearty yo-ho!
The bride and her "baby" brothers

All six siblings ("I have a good looking family." -Jared)
Dakota gives the best hugs

The wedding party

Kam & his Great Grandpa Alter
Frozen french fries with Uncle Forrest make for a perfect nightcap
Followed by bedtime stories with Uncle Jared

Stay tuned for the ceremony and reception photos!

 (I assume I'll find you on the edge of your seat?)


  1. You know, it's really a shame that no one loves that child. He could really use some kisses. And attention.