indiana | my favorite two year old

As with most trips since I acquired The Beast (my big girl camera), I've let my lens do most of the talking when it comes to chronicling my travels. 

Indiana was no different.

Even after weeding out the blurs and borings of the lot, I was still left with over 1,800 photos to play with.

Don't worry... I won't post all of them on here. 

That's what Facebook is for.

So let's start small...

And by small I mean starting with the smallest of the bunch: Kamdyn, two years of awesome in a snuggly little package of something usually camo or Elmo in nature. 

There's a good chance I took more pictures of him than the bride & groom, but I don't think they'd mind if that were the case.

They kinda like the kid too.

Seriously, I want to go back and kiss his little cheeks again. 

He makes even the terrible twos kinda cute.



  1. I LOVE his name! And what a cutie!

    P.S. I am so happy about the rain...finally managing to get some laundry done now. : )