matchbook questionnaire

This post exists because:

a) I haven't felt particularly inspired to do a proper post lately (inspired here to mean too tired to use my brain at full capacity)

b) I kind of love this kind of thing and loved reading Leigh's answers

c) Let's be honest, I'm feeling a little self-indulgent 


TEA OR COFFEE?  Coffee. Black coffee. Because my papa didn't raise no fool.

I COLLECT . . . Rocks from places I visit (sad that I forgot to get one in Indiana) and antique books. And wine.

FAVORITE CITY? London & Portland. Tie for first. 

SPRING OR FALL? Fall. And for the record, it's autumn (side eye at Jared)

BLOOM OF CHOICE? Stargazer lily, lilac or wildflowers of any variety

STYLE ICON? Danny DeVito. (or, whatever, look here)

LINENS? Pretty neutrals - just a bright, natural loveliness

CHINA PATTERN? I'm sorry, I don't speak Vietnamese, why do you ask? 

I'M LUSTING AFTER . . . These.  

MOST PRIZED POSSESSION? Two framed photos given as gifts. 

GIRL CRUSH? Kate Middleton. Seriously, who wouldn't want to hang out with her?

BOY CRUSH? Chuck Ragan.

ON WEEKENDS . . . I'm almost always at work and almost always end up at Red Hills Market. Could be worse. 


  1. LOL Your answers cracked me up! I didn't want to register for China, my mom fuh-REAKED out because what good Southern belle doesn't register for China (?!), so we compromised and I registered for "informal" China. It's cute, but I still rarely use it. (Coulda used that cash money a little more! We were very poor newlyweds! Haha!)

  2. My China is a collection of pieces given to me by the important women in my life. It is all mis matched and each piece has a story. I love it so very much! Also, if I could be anyone for a day: kate, hands down. Wildflowers are my fave too. I planned nothing for my wedding (except my groom, the open bar and a big dance floor) but before my mom went to pick out the flowers, all I told her was 'make them look like wildflowers.' And that is how I turn a post about you into a post about me Haha. Love you!