california knows how to party

Little Miss Brandy
Oh, hello Miss Rosie

Ice is awesome

So it seems I never did get around to posting pictures from my trip home to California.

That's fine. 

It was only three weeks ago.

This is as close as it gets to family resemblance 

Greasy diner goodness 
Gary & mom

Sunset Boulevard joke. 

Are you winking? I can't tell

Bay Bridge

Gott's for lunch

I could get lost in those eyes

It's a bowl under his sweater.... No need for alarm

Occupy SF

Golden Gate

It's NEVER this clear in San Francisco ... But I'll take it

Mom and her boys

Thank you for the clarification 

Oh... No. 

Marina by mom's house

Gary, stop it... You're killing me. 

Masala Tea. 

This is strangely one of my favorites. 

Titling whiskey glasses... I KNOW!

You're so cute it hurts. 

Yes... This place is called Squat & Gobble

Yeah! Take that!

Only in the Castro do these gals invade your lunch

I almost hate you. But I love you too much. 


Hoarders: Benicia Edition 


Carquinez Straight from Benicia

End any trip with a cup of black coffee and you win. 


  1. I caught this post the other day and wanted to tell you that the photos are AWESOME!!! Also, now that song is stuck in my head, lol.