Back in college, whenever I felt like things were just getting to be a little too much, I would set my music to Sigur Ros, turn off the big lights and leave only the twinkle lights I had strung across my ceiling (leftover from every Christmas) and curl up on my bed and just... Listen. 

I had no idea what was being sung. I liked it that way.

And sometimes I would watch this video and smile.

And nothing seemed so bad after that. 

About two-thirds of the way through... The drum starts beating an anthem, there is a look of decided determination and then - it's an uphill journey but - they jump. They all jump.

And then they fly.

Everything is better when you realize you can fly. 


  1. "Staying Alive" by Cursive has a similar effect on me. This was one of the first songs that I ever heard that was able to paint a picture in my head without being overtly descriptive. There are lyrics that I understand, yes, but there's just something in the composition of the song that catches me in a different way than most music does.

  2. J'adore Sigur Ros. When I was stuck in the dark room for 8 hours I would listen to them and time would just fly by. I miss you honey. Jack sends you a big sloppy kiss.


  3. Laura: I miss you too. I miss walking around downtown with you and having all-day lunches that turn into dinner and playing with the puppies. Give the boy a kiss from far-away-aunt-Lauren!