mode of transportation

that' s the face that says, "weeeoooow!"
There are many things in life that are shocking. Groundbreaking. Life- altering.

This is not one of those things.

There. You’ve been forewarned. That’s not to say that this isn’t something that changes things up a bit – just that I can acknowledge when something is worth sounding the trumpets over and when it’s worth a toot on the kazoo at best.


Hmm. That doesn’t quite do it justice. Maybe a trill on one of those roll-out noise makers?

(how the hell do you type that sound out phonetically?)

Wait, where was I? Oh yes…

I got a new car.

And it’s shiny and black with black interior (because I spill things) and I'm pretty sure it’s smarter than I am.

i don't know what half these buttons do

It’s a little Kia Sportage and I'm pretty excited about it. And grateful because without my dad and my grandmother I’d be buying a pair of roller skates, strapping a water ski rope around my landlord’s cat, and hoping for the best.

(I'm going to give you a minute to create that mental image… I know, the logistics of it worried me too)

On a downer note though, I'm a little bummed about saying goodbye to C.K Dexter Haven, my goofy old 1990 Mercedes. It was a luxury vehicle and for all the quirks and hiccups, I love that car.

one last look in the rearview of the benz

Sure, it guzzled more oil than the Gulf (too soon?), and it had to be towed twice in the last six months, and stepping on the gas pedal was no promise of actual forward movement and whether or not certain speakers worked sometimes depended on if you were making a left or right turn, and yes, I know, Shamoo could only fit in the front seat if I opened the sun roof (problematic in perpetually rainy Portland)…

But it was also my first car. It’s what I learned to drive in, what made the journey from Napa to Los Angeles countless times before making the haul to Portland – down to LA – and back to Portland (yes, that’s three expeditions up and down the west coast of the United States because apparently I couldn’t make up my mind where I was supposed to be – another story for another time). That car, for all its goofy little ticks, was mine. It had a character all its own and was part of what made my life a little more colorful.

Now I'm not trying to paint a picture of an object defining a person, but there is a certain connection people have to their cars, especially their first cars. Jared still talks about his. I'm pretty sure my dad could list off every car he’s ever owned and what he loved about each one.

the one sticker that wouldn't budge... hope the next owner does it justice

Anyway, I’ve prattled on enough. Just wanted to write a fitting tribute to my Dexter, and throw some appreciation out into the blogosphere (I think I still hate that word) for my Dad and Grandma for helping me so much with this whole deal.

So here’s to you Dexter!

And now… I have to decide on a name for the new kid on the block.  


  1. Congrats and enjoy! And, no, it's not to soon... LOL.

  2. You talk about Dexter like I talked about The Decepticar (my '91 Camaro). I still to this day miss how that kitten purred...