my stupid head

a leaf the SIZE of my head... decidedly NOT stupid (almost intimidating)

My stupid head.

Somewhere between getting a little mental clarity last night and waking up this morning it started hurting and won't quit.

I thought I was just tired.
Or had low blood sugar.
So I dozed on the couch for a while then made fried eggs and bacon.
Then I took some Aleve.


I went over to Dean and Robin's and Dean broke some news to me:

Aleve ain't gonna do nothin' for a tension headache.

He handed me a cup of coffee to take the edge off.

It did its job. Bravo coffee. 

Now if I could just get my stupid head to stop thinking so damn much about things I have no control over that'd be swell.

In the meantime, I'm making pumpkin bourbon bread pudding for... No reason at all. Dean got me some free Grand Central como bread and it just begged me to douse it with butter, sugar, pumpkin and booze.

I was powerless to resist. 

Maybe it will help take my mind off other things, too!

If not, at least it will tide me over until Thanksgiving.


  1. Anything with caffeine helps reduce inflammation that and use ice packs behind your head/on neck and in some cases on top of your head / forehead. Those tricks work like a charm. If you happen to have anyone around that will massage your forehead or neck, that's an extra perk. (Used to do a lot of work with doctors). Hope you feel better! Btw, your bread sounds GOOD!