way to start the weekend

"is there a carbon monoxide leak in this house?"

Today I...

  • ...Did four loads of laundry (pause for applause)
  • ...Successfully observed Jared's truck pass the DEQ test (hey, someone's gotta do it)
  • ...Successfully filled out most of said Indianian's registration renewal form while driving (well, riding) from the DEQ to the DMV because somehow he is "bad at filling out forms and always manages to mess them up"
  • ...Was proud of myself for remembering all of that kid's vital information
  • ...Swooped my debit card in before Jared could and bought him lunch (which I know he hates but I did it anyway - trust me, this is a victory in my world)
  • ...Snuck in some time to read a little Vonnegut
  • ...Took a nap on the couch while my laundry finished drying
  • ...Woke up to this song
  • ...Made Idaho Sunrises for dinner (thanks to inspiration from Pinterest) and suspended the guys into a food-related state of unconsciousness (see photo)
  • ...Watched an episode of Malcolm in the Middle when we couldn't get The Patriot to stream properly though the (cough - probably illegal - cough) site we were using
  • ...Came home and made "cheater" berry croissants with the can of Pillsbury crescent rolls and some jam I had in the fridge (and eating three of them, I mean wait, what?)
  • ...Decided the best way to end the evening was by watching Mad Men, which will commence in about 5 minutes once the second batch of treats are done in the oven

I'd say this weekend is off to a good start considering I get to spend the next three days pouring wine for people I don't know!


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  1. Sounds like bliss. Well, most of it. Some of it sounds like you are a very good friend... Which I guess is rather blissful, too.

  2. Haha, it was fun, that's for sure!