thanksgiving: an exercise in photographic gluttony

1.5L dwarfing sweet little 750mL... Good pinot or good pinot? Which do you prefer?


Clint Eastwood is terrified of this scowl.

Candied pecans! I'm making it a point to candy nuts more often. 

Ugly. Always. 


Math makes his head hurt. Enter calculator. 

Blue Moon.


The good ol' boys.

Jared wasn't at all excited about monkey bread.

In case you're wondering... No, that dough isn't cooked yet.

That's Blue Moon in the glass. Shh. Don't tell Sam.

Turkey thigh-master

The perfect autumn setting. 

The monkey bread explodeth. 

Shamoo just couldn't wait.

Done! Almost.

In the meantime...



Unloading the monkey bread was a team effort. 


Take it easy boys. Take it easy.

Dean is raising the roof. He's that hip with the times. 

Showin' off mah skills.

Click to enlarge - it's that entertaining. 

You're wishing I'd left this one thumbnail sized, aren't you?


My first real, midwest monkey bread! I'm into it. Thanks Robin.

Aw. Sleeper. 

Sleepy little bugger. 

After Jared tried to step OVER Shamoo and ended up stepping ON Shamoo. This was his apology.

Green bean casserole.

Bacon, cream cheese, sour cream & garlic mashed potatoes. I win. 

Bourbon & apple cider brined turkey thighs. 

Homemade cranberry & apple chutney.

Balsamic glazed brussels sprouts with candied pecans, bacon, dried cranberries & goat cheese. 

Cornbread, apple, fennel & sage sausage stuffing. 

The Great Kitchen Massacre of 2011. 

I get bored. And vain.

"Shaun of the Turkey" is our new tradition (watching Shaun of the Dead during turkey dinner)

My epic plate. Oooh... Happiness. 

Cranium again. 

This was about the extent of my mood after dinner. 

So this is what became of the Camaraderie Thanksgiving.

I think I'm still recovering.

My stomach is still full... Though let's be honest, that's probably from the bowl of leftovers I had for breakfast.

Oy. I need to eat a salad. 


  1. I'm really stoked that this year's feast wasn't nearly as gluttonous as the last. I enjoy not hating myself after dinner.

  2. Damn. That looks delish.

    I am good at the humdingers. You would pick me for your team, I just know it.

  3. Robin: I know seriously... We must be getting more mature (?)

    Molly: Done. I'm personally not allowed to do the humdingers most of the time because my friend Jared hates my humming so much... I need someone to pass that baton to!

  4. The food looks delicious (way better than mine this year) and the company looks fun- as it should be. I'll take the good pinot, please.

    Lol@ Robin. I like not hating myself after any meal let alone dinner.