nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time is NOW

I've been slow on the uptake.

It wasn't until last night that I finally took the time to learn more about this name I was seeing floating around:




My days have been ticking blissfully by, not knowing the name of the man who is literally the world's #1 war criminal.

And then I watched this video.

30 minutes have never seemed quite like 30 seconds before. 

If there's ever been a bandwagon worth jumping on, this is it.

We wonder why bad things happen. We wonder why no one does anything. We wonder how, in 2012, this is still happening.

Will it always be like this?


But is this our opportunity for hope



John Mark and his wife Tammy are in Uganda as I type this.

They are awaiting further word on whether or not the judge will grant them their adoption of their daughter.

One more child who has a chance to get out of that world and into a family, and a church, that already loves her more than they can bear. 


Prayer changes reality.

If nothing else, if you are unable to do anything else...


To whoever you believe is listening.

Pray for the children. Pray for John Mark and Tammy. Pray for their daughter. Pray for the men and women fighting for justice. Pray for the cause.

And you know what?

Pray for Kony.

Because in its own way, it is heartbreaking that any human being could become the monster that he is.

And because the only true weapon against evil is goodness. 

Pray that, even in the last instant, this man might see the egregious error of his ways. 

Because if no one tries, nothing will change. 


  1. i have been hearing about kony and had no idea what it was all about! i am embarrassed and shocked that i didn't know! i am so glad that i stumbled upon your blog and watched this video. i am going to share this video!