the simplicity of supper

The alternate title for this post was "I Just Gorged Myself On Salmon & Sparkling Wine... And How Is YOUR Night Going?"

But I opted out of being a smartass. 

Because it is still snowing here in Portland (and therefore still the season to get indoors immediately and curl up in a big cozy sweater with a glass-of-something) I wasn't in the mood for cooking a big hooplah of a meal. 

But salmon sounded positively perfect so a quick stop at the store for a fillet and a bottle of bubbly did just the trick. 

Sometimes the simplest dinners are the best.

Especially when paired with a little Don Draper on the side...


dinner time!

red & white quinoa, I use Trader Joe's brand 
follow box instructions

1 salmon fillet
season with garlic salt, black pepper & dill
bake at 350 until done
top with Trader Joe's aioli garlic mustard (I could eat this with a spoon)

mixed greens
dried cranberries
crumbled bleu cheese
Trader Joe's champagne vinaigrette 

Domaine Ste. Michelle Brut

optional dessert: Trader Joe's milk chocolate covered potato chips (I mean good lord, who in their right mind would say no to that?)

*despite appearances, this post was NOT sponsored by Trader Joe's*

Hope you're all having a happy week so far!


  1. bubbly on a wednesday, *if only* you lived next door. We would have so much fun.