sunshine, red hills market & a mea culpa

view of the Columbia River Gorge from Vista House
As Robin said yesterday,
"Portland just got Fort Wayned". 

Yesterday morning I woke to about 3 inches of snow accumulated on my front porch. 

(I even made a creepy little snowman that looked like he fell out of the Blair Witch Giftshop)

Of course because the Pacific Northwest is about as consistent in its weather patterns as "Saturday Night Live" was in its comedy once Tina Fey left (we all remember those days, the episodes where you were left wondering "Wait, was that the punchline? What happened to my Weekend Update?!"), this morning there was nothing but blue staring down at my from the skylight. 

I am outside without a jacket OR a scarf right now!

Praise be!

The days of snow weighing down the daffodils are hopefully over. I can deal with a little more rain, but my goodness, this translucent skin of mine needs some rays dammit! I love the snow, but enough is enough. 

Everyone in Indiana is ready to bust out the shorts and sandals and we're still rejoicing in being outside with only one layer of clothing on. 


This makes perfect sense. 

It's only the end of March after all.


All this to say today is gorgeous and I'm celebrating by spending the afternoon propped up here at Red Hills Market

I'm sorry about the Debbie Downer post yesterday and thank you for the sweet comments and emails to help buck a soldier up! 

Women... We're so silly sometimes. 

Am I right?


  1. Yay for sunshine! Suck it all up for me, we have the rain coming this weekend.