weekly gratitude

thank you little pointy toes for making me feel fancy

Rain, snow, sun and back to rain.

Oregon weather can go from one extreme to the other in about fourteen seconds. 

Sometimes I feel I can identify with this place. That's probably why we get along so well.

Honestly, it's been a week of ups and downs but as ever, the ups outweigh the downs. When I sat down in church this morning to scribble out my Weekly Gratitude list I admit, I had a hard time getting started. There was too much on my mind and really, I wasn't making much of an effort to do anything about it. 


Anyway, I knew I was being ridiculous and once I quieted my mind it didn't seem like such a task.

So glad Someone up there refuses to let me succumb to such silliness... 


1. Thank you for afternoons with Robin. After waking up to snow in the morning, we decided to share our day off with each other and, most importantly, The Beatles. We drank tea and watched "Yellow Submarine". Totally forgot what a trip that movie is. The day eventually melted into late afternoon with Dean getting back (in time to finish the movie, much to his chagrin) and the three of us packing off to the library where we decided the day simply couldn't continue without a quick stop at the doughnut shop (yeah, doughnut shop in the library - point for Tigard). Then, after I gently maimed Robin's toe by opening the library door over it (oh my god, I am still so sorry lady!), we closed the evening by watching another movie and eating stew. And life was good. 

2. Thank you for all the goodness of Red Hills Market. Whether it was the Friday afternoon I spent there enjoying a sandwich and some sunshine, or ending another busy weekend at work over a couple of pints and a heart to heart with Caitlyn, that place has become a very special spot indeed. Also helps that we're always greeted by the awesome guys who work there and can pretty much bank on them getting a sandwich on the grill for us the second we walk in. 

3. Thank you for friends who let you have a total freak out (at them, no less) and even though you feel like a bit of a prize idiot after the fact, love you anyway and seem to remember that that person is not who you really are, but rather a panicked version of yourself. Thank you for friends who remind you that true friendship can see beyond that BS and not hold it against you. I am so very glad for that.

4. Thank you blog friends. Seriously, after my little blog-vent the other day I got the sweetest responses and notes of encouragement. That meant so much. Thank you. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. I am so thankful to have stumbled into this community and made such wonderful friends. I am constantly moved and inspired by all of your words and creativity and love. People can say what they will about blogging - it's probably one of the neatest things I've ever been a part of. This and that underground fight club. You want Edward Norton's autograph? I can make that happen. I mean wait, what? I don't know anything. What are you talking about? Have we met? Star Tours, what are you doing here?


What's the weather like where you are? I've become a little hung up on that topic lately (can you tell?). I'm not the only one though.

This morning Phil got in on the fun.

"I'm sure a lot of you wish you were on Spring Break right now, wishing you could have flown south to warmer climates. But hey, it rained in California to day so jokes on them!"

I know I can't deny my California upbringing, but that doesn't mean I can't enjoy a jab at its expense form time to time!


  1. Kate from Daffodils told me about your blog and I have just spent 30 minutes reading through your posts! Your blog and your posts are beautiful, and I love finding other bloggers here in the PNW! I live in Vancouver (WA). I'm so glad I found you this evening!

  2. See I live in Arizona now so when I went home for Spring Break two weeks ago and it was raining in California, I leaped with joy. California is the perfect mix between Washington-Oregon weather and Arizona weather. That's what I've learned in life so far. haha