weekly gratitude

thank you tried & true cognac flats for being my most comfortable shoes 

When the sun comes out in Oregon, the people come alive.

(we are sorely lacking in Vitamin D 'round these parts)

So to be able to enjoy a hint of spring yesterday was really nice.

Then today?

It was raining sideways.

Awesome. Anyway...

My resolve to always do this post on Sunday nights has pretty much been shot to hell as of late.

Ah, life... It happens. And then I get sleepy.

I suppose if the only reason your writing schedule gets thrown off is that you have to spend the evening drinking wine and listening to records with your friends you're probably doing just fine, Clark.

(first person to catch that reference gets a treat!)

("Pop Pop gets a treat?")

(TWO pop-culture references in two seconds - is your mind blown yet?)

Anyway, when I got home from Dean and Robin's last night I was fully charged on elevated endorphins until... Until... Until I snuggled down into the couch.


But now I'm back, baby! Let's do this!


1. Thank you for my job. I sometimes take for granted the fact that while I may not be doing something based on my degree, or directly related to writing, I am doing something I love. And that, as I am finding, is actually pretty rare. In church lately, John Mark has been teaching a series on work and just how important it is not just for the sake of living, but for the soul. We were designed to work. It's written in the fabric of our being. Man was not made to just sit and be pampered and do nothing. HELL NO! We were made to work the earth, transform it into our home, a place where we are comfortable and happy. A point JM is really trying to drive home is that no matter what it is, we should take pride in it. Even if it seems so inconsequential that mundane is a euphemism, we should do it with integrity and for the greater good. Am I curing cancer? No. But I am helping to bring really good wine to people's dinner tables; giving them something to bring to a friend's house to share with people they love; pouring them a glass to congratulate them on their engagement. And shoot, as a writer, I get to talk to people, collecting characters and stories every day! On this note, I am incredibly grateful to my boss for noting and appreciating the work I do there. To anyone with authority in a workplace, tell your workers when they are doing a good job - it can put a spring in their step like you wouldn't believe!

2. Thank you, on another similar note, for my dad. I used to laugh at his response to the question of when he plans on retiring: "When I'm face-down on the pavement." I thought it was just my dad being my dad - dry, almost-negative-but-not-really (this is the same guy who, if you ask him how he's doing, will respond, "Reasonable.") But especially after yesterday's sermon, I find how much I respect his work ethic. He was made to work, and will work one way or another, until he can no more. And what I love is that having the creative mind he does, even if he can no longer physically be bustling around his production line for Private Preserve, his mind will remain active. He will never let himself atrophy, I am sure of that. He takes pride in his work, in a job well done and works to provide for me, my future children, my future grandchildren, and so on. He knows work is not just for him - it is for the future generations and for the glory of the one who worked hard to make it all. I guess you've probably figured out by now that I'm pretty proud to call him my dad.

3. Thank you to everyone who has been such a constant support as I dive deeper into learning about faith, but especially (and again) my dad. I think it's a pretty special thing to have a connection like that with a parent and I am lost for words when it comes to the gratitude I feel for having that. I've mentioned in the past that it's become a sort of ritual to call my dad each Sunday after church on my way to work, and it's something we both genuinely look forward to. He is one person I know for sure will be as thrilled as I am when I unlock some new door and find all of the wonder behind it. When I talk, he really listens. He knows what I mean. And when things are not so sunny, and I have severe questions or doubt, he is there to remind me this is human, this is part of it, that if I never ask questions I will never seek answers. I'm a very lucky girl to have that kind of love in my life.


So how is everyone's week going so far?

If you're still itchin' for some good blogging, go check out Kate's post at Salt + Light (and check out her giveaway at Daffodil's! Girlfriend just opened up a photography shop and will make you wish you lived on the Central Coast of California like mad, man!)

Meanwhile, here in Portland the forecast is threatening snow (really?) so I'll either be hunkered down at home or I might shimmy on into work to fill in for someone (which I'm kinda hoping for because the snow is always SO much better at the winery).

Hope it's getting Spring-y whereever you are!


  1. As much as I like fall, there's just something about spring that makes me happy. I walked home from work today in the rain and 'Unchained Melody' came on just as a gust of wind blew the scent of spring right smack into my face. Moments like these redefine my love for all the seasons :)