aunt betty

This is my Great Aunt Betty.

(and my cousin Bill)

She is my Grammy's only surviving sibling, the last of nine children.

In her late 80's, she still gets out in those cold Minnesota winters to shovel her driveway.

The other day she became very ill, very quickly and has been in ICU ever since. 

Bill emailed me today saying the doctors feel she should make a full recovery (she is one tough old bird!), but just to stay on the safe side would you all do me a favor?

If you have a moment, please say a little prayer, send some good juju, and think happy thoughts for Aunt Betty (Aunt Betty Boop as we always call her!).

She is a woman of great strength, immense love and tremendous faith...

And she ain't done yet! 



Talked to my mom, Aunt Betty is on the mend! She has been diagnosed with pneumonia but unlike your average 89 year old, she's not willing to let that slow her down. Both of her sons are with her and according to mom she sounds good! Keep praying! Thank you! 


  1. Wow will do! Just thinking about a Minnesota winter makes me wanna curl up in bed, so I'm impressed that at her age she is getting out and shoveling snow! Hope she makes a speedy recovery. :)