eleanora's big one

look at those chompers!

Baby turned ONE.

We're all still trying to wrap our heads around that. 

But (as promised) here are a few pictures to help us believe it.

"really, mom?"
maria's nephew damien... or tin tin. 

elliott and tetris were party animals

daddy's girl

surveying her party

it was a lot for chuck to handle

family portrait

oh, baby feets

my maria

and my phillip! (brooks & dunn didn't sing about a phillip, though)

family's reaction when baby started dancing

raise that roof, baby!

rainbow pants, tutu... it's her party

christopher and tetris were determined to make all ovaries in the room freak out

inhaling her pizza

she was seriously not feeling "happy birthday" 

"i hate it!"

dmaien was all in favor of it though

we've scarred her for life

luckily, the wrapping from my gift seemed to make things better

stop it kid... you're killing me

Let's hope by two she learns to enjoy birthday cake a little more.