bad blogger

this sums things up nicely

I've been a bad blogger lately.

For a while there I was on a roll, posting once - sometimes twice - a day!

Then a couple weeks ago I rolled into that silly little funk and got off track.

Eh, happens to the best of us.

The sun is breaking through again though (no, not literally, it's still raining in Portland - what is up PNW? COME ON!) and I'm feeling more like me again.

You're all relieved, I can tell.

(can you see me winking? is it making you uncomfortable? mission accomplished.)

Anyway, thanks for bearing with me. As a thank you, please enjoy a little Chuck Ragan magic as I do two things: 

1) get way too excited about The Revival Tour in less than two weeks and,

2) go for the new record in teriyaki beef jerky eating (sidenote: never noticed there are two "i"s in teriyaki until this moment)


  1. This rain is making me want to freak out a little. I went into Target today, and when I walked out I thought it had snowed because of all the hail.

    And I always spell teriyaki wrong. It just looks weird.

  2. everyone needs a break sometimes. Hope that sun literally comes out for you soo too!