weekly gratitude

thank you sunshine for warming my feet

I'm getting really bad at this.

Slacking big time.

Not getting posts done on their regular days, going days without posting at all... Letting things slide.

But I have a reason!

It's the sun! 

It's making me giddy!

I will not be held responsible for my lack of action - it's 80 degrees in April, we're gonna take what we can get.

Anyway, it's no excuse really but that's the reason nonetheless. I had every intention of coming home after work yesterday to get some work done but alas, the warmth, it was calling me, begging me to bask in its gentle toastiness, even late into the night. 

Tonight's no different, still practically hot in my apartment, making me consider prying the box fan out of storage for the first time this year.

I wish I was sitting outside with a glass of wine.

And while we're on the subject...

1. Thank you for late-night drinks on the patio on a warm spring evening. After the ritual bottle of wine and dinner with Jodi and Caitlyn at Red Hills Market I rolled my windows down and sang Frank Turner all the way home. I had texted Robin that we best be taking advantage of the weather and getting the kids together at Journeys soon. She fired back with the idea of finding a patio somewhere and grabbing a drink right then and there. So I met her and Dean over at a little joint we had frequented all winter but had never taken full advantage of (advantage here meaning there was an outdoor oasis awaiting) (and oasis here meaning the place where I could bask, they could smoke and assorted idiots could drunkenly sing along to The Rolling Stones). In any case, it was warm enough to sit outside until well past 11pm and I am extremely grateful for that. 

2. Thank you Diane for an incredible Saturday morning! I had been looking forward to Generations ever since it was first announced. Diane's blog has been a huge source of inspiration and support over the last year and the chance to finally hear her speak was something I waited for like a kid at Christmas. I still want to do a proper write-up of the event because it was that amazing, but for now let me just say that I am so astoundingly thankful for this woman and now having met her (!!!) I can say she is even more beautiful - inside and out - than I could have ever imagined. I also met some amazing women while waiting to speak with Diane (check out Lauren's blog!) and was happy to not be the only "groupie" there. It was just a really wonderful way to start the day, meeting new people and seeing others whose paths I hadn't crossed in some time - God is so good. It makes me smile. 

3. Thank you for the Revival Tour! Monday night I swung by to pick up Jared on my way back into town from work, we stopped to grab Dean and Robin, then drove downtown to meet Michull and Maggie at Dante's. My God. There's another whole post there waiting to be written so I'll save the gushing (and leave you on the edge of your seat, obviously) for later this week but heaven and hell the show was amazing. Chuck Ragan outdid himself, Jon Gaunt played that fiddle like a maniac, and Joe Ginsberg and his bass (and his mustache) were the envy of all Portland. Oh, and seeing Tom Gabel and being awestruck/intimidated by Cory Branan was pretty rad too. 

4. Thank you for encouragement. Every month at our staff meetings we have an informational portion where someone does a little presentation about this, that or the other. This month, after being prompted by my boss, I led the troops in a session about cheese and wine pairings (another post yet to come - that's three posts I've promised here - hold me to it). Admittedly, though my job is to talk and basically put on a song and dance for strangers everyday, I was a bit nervous. But it went off beautifully and everyone gave me such nice feedback. I was elated. It almost made me miss doing presentations for school (almost). So thank you to my amazing coworkers and bosses for being so sweet and humoring me as I prattled on and on about two of my favorite pastimes: wine and cheese.

5. Thank you sun. That is all. 

6. Thank you Laura for giving me the greenlight to go to Montana!!! 4th of July weekend I'm off (hopefully with Ashley and Maria!) to Big Sky Country to hang out with my girl, her boy, her man, Montana Man and the whole Laurel gang! Summer, whiskey, rodeos, fireworks, dancing... Oh, I am so excited! 


So getting back to it, tomorrow is day five of five at work and then I'm left with my belated weekend to catch back up with life. There are big plans to clean, cook and write.

Oh, sweet thrills.

(no really, I'm seriously looking forward to this)

Happy week to everyone!


  1. So much to be thankful for. Enjoy that sunshine my friend, you deserve it!