weekly gratitude, easter edition

thank you converse for joining me at church this Easter morning

Let this go down in history as the best Easter ever.

(let it also be known that any day that celebrates something as momentous as an empty tomb and a promise fulfilled automatically qualifies for "best ever" status)

But seriously, I don't think Easter has ever meant as much to me as it did this year. I've never been so strong in my faith, so filled with joy at the thought of growing in it and so excited to celebrate what this day is all about. And to be able to spend it with some of my best friends (minus Dean and Michull & Maggie because those someones had to work!)? Pssh. Can't beat that.

Oh but seriously - The Camaraderie knows how to do holidays up right. 

We ate so much. 

Jared and I went to church this morning at my usual 8am gathering (I started going that early because it was the only one I could make before work but as it turns out, that's my favorite service now!) (also, it was pretty cool that during that service five people decided to get baptized, and throughout the day at all the gatherings, spanning all three locations, ninety-nine people were baptized - no one had signed up, not one was planned, every person was moved to do it... Amazing!)

Anyway, after church we headed back to his place so he could rouse a sleepy Shamoo and I could get brunch started (I made these, this, these and this, along with bacon, sausages and a monster egg & veggie scramble). Then Robin and her best friend Amber got there and made ham and mimosas. Frankie and Matty brought wine and See's candy...

Oh yes... I'm still full. 

(she typed with one hand as she ate miso soup at quarter to midnight...)

1. Thank you Jesus. Thank you for taking our sins to the cross, for dying the death we should have died, for sacrificing Yourself in our shame, going to the grave and then rising three days later... Just as You promised. The tomb is empty and death has been annihilated. You are risen! Thank you for everything I cannot find the words for. Thank you for allowing me to take heart - You have overcome the world!

2. Thank you for running into Mari Friday morning at Red Hills Market. I stopped by to grab breakfast on my way into work and great minds must think alike. We ended up sitting and talking for only a short time, but about all the right things. God is on the move in both our lives as we found out. We're both experiencing something amazing. Peace and adventure. Hope and trust. Seriously amazing. And getting the chance to share that with a dear friend is something no stated value could do justice to. But we today we tried anyway, haha:

3. Thank you for some incredible developments in my grandma's health! We've all been terribly worried about the state of her memory the past year or so (herself more so than anyone, I think) but just figured it was age taking its toll (she is 87, after all). But in talking with her doctor recently it was discovered in a new study that her cholesterol medication, beyond a shadow of a doubt, is now linked to severe memory loss. Memory loss that, once the meds are stopped, is reversible. Take that! So we're all praying that now she's off that particular medication her mind will come back to her - here's to hope!


Well kids, no earth-shattering wrap-up here. Just a lot of joy, a lot of happiness and a sense of peace. 

Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter!

Love to all!


  1. Such good news about your grandmother!! Glad you had a fun (and yummy!) Easter! :)