Maybe I've chosen the wrong line of work.

Do they pay people to sit around all day finding the silver linings?

Because as much as people pitch fits about how technology is out of control, Facebook is at least one sign of the apocalypse (maybe more) and that we're becoming too dependent on our iPhones... I would be so bold as to say there is a definite silver - nay - platinum lining to these three things.

Redemption, thy name is Instagram. 

Bear with me folks...

I might be playing devil's advocate here, but really, when was the last time people slowed down enough to fully appreciate all of the wonderful, little things in life.

(those little things, after all, are really the big things when we look back on it, aren't they?)

But I was thinking about it the other day when about half of The Camaraderie ended up at Pix Patisserie (after another meal at Tasty N Sons - you call it addiction, I call it necessary) (famous last words?). Anyway, Robin and I were happily munching on our French delicacies but not before succumbing to the incessant need to document every. little. thing.
(we are definitely bloggers)

About ten seconds later my 8oz. coffee and rose macaron were live on Instagram for all the world to see. 

We were all already on a high with it being such a beautiful day outside, but for some reason hearing the little shutter snap on my phone clicked something in my brain:

I am so glad that I'm keeping track of things that make me smile.
It really does help you count your blessings. If you are appreciating even the smallest little detail of life, if the corner of that building strikes a chord in you, if that table leg is a piece of art, if you want to remember every bite of that burger from the taste itself to the aesthetic of the cheese oozing over the bun - the folks at Instagram are ready with a platform for you.

(sponsored post? ha, not hardly - just an enthusastic consumer here, thanks!)

But seriously, as someone who has spent that better part of the last decade with a camera in her purse (if not in her hand), I'm happy to have a place to collect all the little photographic treasures I come across on a daily basis. And I love seeing all the happy little things that make people's lives richer.

I love seeing Brigette's picnic basket full of champagne on a spring day, I love seeing the place where Robin and Dean decided to move to Portland, and I love seeing the tangible evidence of John Mark's devotion to teaching. 

This silly little app has sparked a wave of gratitude for all the seemingly insignificant details in life that might have otherwise gone unnoticed.

And I for one am pretty tickled by that. 


Do you have Instagram? 

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  1. I feel that way about blogging in general, it has totally changed my already overwhelmingly positive outlook on life. I love the little things. Beautiful post!

  2. Yes, yes! Sometimes I annoy myself when I think that I'm not "enjoying the moment" because I like to photograph everything. So I have gone the past 4 months trying not to take so many pictures (and left my nice camera in California) and now I have pictures of NOTHING from my semester and I hate it. I want to relive! I am getting my camera back and will start snapping away this summer!