routine procedure

Little darling, it's been a long, cold, lonely winter. 

OK, only two of those things describe this past winter, but you can take that up with George Harrison. 

The main point is that it's been cold. And while everyone else is busting out their sunscreen, here in Portland it's still in the 50's. Which, to be honest, only halfway irritates me because amidst the pile of hunting socks on my floor and an ever-growing scarf collection whose residence on the coat-hooks next to my bed is feeling neglected (I've given up on returning them to the hooks each night knowing they'll end up right back around my neck in the morning), I've developed a cozy new routine:

(and no, it's not writing the longest run-on sentence in blogland)

Most nights when I get home from work, after I've had dinner and done the dishes, odds are it has dipped back into the 40's and while a glass of wine is often on the menu, more often it's a mugful of hot tea (or milk & honey) that finds its way into my hands to warm me as I snuggle down into a nest of blankets on my ancient green couch. 

With rain pelting the skylights, I feel little regret at spending the evening indoors catching up with the adventures of the women (and men!) of this little community I've landed myself in. Curling up with my legs stretched out and my laptop propped on my thighs, I tend to keep something Netflix-y open in one window for some background noise (again, damn you Frasier) while I read through what my ladies and gents have to say.

And you know what?

It's quite a happy little part of my day.

It's cozy and allows me to travel around the world without the damage to my bank account. 

I can visit New York and Port Hueneme, Scotland and Monterey,  Fort Wayne and Okinawa, and right back here to Portland, Oregon

And since I've never been fond of falling asleep on airplanes (my god, is there anything more uncomfortable?), I don't mind so much if I drift off on a sofa that is arguably more comfortable than my four year old $99 mattress. 

Basically what I'm saying is that come spring (and I mean actual spring when I no longer have to hide under blankets in order to maintain a normal body temperature) I'm going to be a little sad to retire this routine.

Then again, when the smell of summer seeps in through open windows I doubt I'll put up much of a fight. 

It just means I'll have to take my computer out on the front porch while the sun goes down. 


  1. JEALOUS. SO JEALOUS. Everyone here is all, "80 degrees and 1,000% humidity is fabulous!!" and I am just sweating to DEATH. So are my hot-natured, ginger children. If you're ever craving sweat, we can do a swap. Being comfy under blankets sounds like HEAVEN right now.

  2. I saw that Titantic thing on facebook, too funny!

    And my nighttime routine is a welcome one too. On week's when Kev doesn't study, it almost feels weird because he interrupts my blog time. But of course, it is much better to have him around (and I would happily take some late evening sunshine as well).

  3. It's been cold in my little corner of the world too! March was full of beautiful days in the 70s but then April came and it dropped back to the 50s. Most nights you can find me cuddled up on the couch under a blanket, waiting for Spring :)

  4. I think our recent hermit-like habits should be replaced with delightful Journey's-going habits pending this weather shapes up. I don't think I'll have any arguments here.