DIY | chevron cards

This one was so easy it's silly. 

You got paper?

A pen?

Sweet. You're done. 

(except for that whole motivation thing - you're gonna need that, too)

But really, this little project takes no time at all and looks pretty cool once you're done. And I love the versatility of it, too! 

You could make it as a little print, a postcard, slap it on a folded card and give Hallmark a run for its money - the possibilities are endless!

(it could be a birthday card, or an invitation! need a cup of sugar? ask it! it'll teach you Spanish, clean your carpets, take your kids to soccer practice! there's nothing this chevron card can't do!)

I might be getting carried away. 



4x6 cardstock or other paper (I used watercolor paper because I love the texture)
black pen (fine point Sharpie works great)
metallic ink pen


decide which direction you want your chevrons going.

with black pen, draw parallel lines spaced evenly down length of card.

alternating directions in each row, draw small diagonal lines between each parallel.

once finished, use metallic pen to write a message!
(the photo shows my hasty attempt to show you the "gist" of what I mean - I'm working on a birthday present version of this and don't want to show my "finished product" before I gift it!)


Let me know if you give this one a whirl, I'd love to see new variations!


  1. It looks awesome and I am totally going to try it. Muah, darling.

  2. you are such a DIY queen. Im going to "pin" this and hope one day I have energy to do it :)