DIY | neon necklace

The upside to the slow season in wine country is that it leaves one with, oh, a fair amount of free time.

In the past few months I've read 1-2 books a week, been able to catch up with friends, finally finish watching seasons 1-4 of Mad Men and cook up a storm whenever I got the chance.

Also made a nice dent in my wine collection. 

And by "dent" I mean I'm down to only about five cases soooo...

Dinner party anyone?


It also means I've had time to put all my Pinterest-ing.

 This is what inspired this.



raw wooden beads 
thin jewelry wire
jump rings
bead tips/crimps
neon paint
thin chain
small needle-nose pliers


- painting the beads was tricky - next time I'll probably use spray paint just for easier, more even coverage (it too a few coats to do the trick)

 - once dry, string beads onto wire (depending on what kind of tip you use, you may need to affix one to the end of the wire before adding beads). tie off end of wire and crimp with bead tip

- cut chain to desired length (two pieces of equal length); attach clasp to end of chain (you may need jump rings if links are too small to affix clasp directly)

 - once clasp is attached, add jump rings to unfinished ends

- attach string of neon beads by bending little ring at the end of bead tips


I know I'm leaving out some (probably vital) steps, but to be honest, I had no directions leading me on this - I just looked at a bunch of pictures and jumped right into it!

When in doubt, study some pictures online and try a few things out!

Or pour another glass of wine. That helps too.