// a completely dull post \\

Tell me this blog friends (only discounting no-blogger friends here because this is entirely blog related and, bless your hearts, this will mean nothing to you):

Do you ever have those moments where you're driving around, walking around, working out, drinking coffee - generally just not at a computer - where you write up magnificent posts, full of whimsy and intrigue and spot-on, poignant jokes and references and then! And then! 


You finally get to a computer and absolutely nothing happens. 

You drive all the way (all the way!) out to Red Hills Market from your cozy spot on the couch next to your space heater (it's only 45 minutes, I am not actually leading you to believe this is an impressive trek) to eat exactly one half of a turkey/apple/arugula sandwich and dip the excess bread (because there is always excess bread) in your cup of cream o' broccoli soup and... Nothing. 

It's like somewhere between your tray of food arriving and finishing that bottle of root beer your best laid plans for an eloquent post flit away, and by the time you open a new post, your brain has gone and made a "pppllllrrrrrppphhh" sound on you. 

So instead I read back into the archives of Nat The Fat Rat and imagine myself in New York City on a day like today and think about the ways I will plot to convince Jared that those days we all have after Alyssa's wedding in February should be spent taking the train to New York because I really want to see his face the first time he sees the Statue of Liberty. 

Also, I would feel completely safe walking around that place with three strong Bandor men protecting Terra and me from the kind of guys that land you as a plot line on SVU.

On that note, I'm going to order a pint of real beer now and pretend I'm doing something important on my computer. 


  1. I feel that way every single day of my life.

    That's why all my posts are pre-scheduled. I can only write when I feel like writing.

  2. I come up with THE BEST STUFF while washing dishes (such a therapeutic activity), and I usually go straight from dishes to something child-related, thus losing the thoughts for all eternity. The same thing tends to happen while driving. I write the best letters to Steve in my head while driving and belting out Luke Bryan like I'm a single college girl, not a mom driving around Clarksvegas with two kids in the backseat. (SIGH)

  3. All the time! I wrote the most amazing post about letter writing in my head right before falling asleep the other night and then when I actually sat to write it, all the words were gone. I am hoping they will come back, because seriously, it was awesome. Enjoy that beer my friend!

  4. I have so many stories in my head...

  5. I have done that MANY times. I have a 30 minute commute to work, which gives me plenty of thinking time. I've "written" brilliant posts, and then forget them by the time I'm able to sit down and compose it on the computer!

  6. YES! I do this all the freaking time. Often right before I go to bed or when I'm in the shower I come up with THE BEST ideas and the best wording and the best of everything and then it is all lost by the time I get the chance to sit down. I hate it. I hate it so much!