i love lamp // and a happy weekend

So my self-imposed Target ban that I put into effect a week ago is about to be broken.

You see, I knocked over my lamp the other night. Totally broke it. I mean, it was metal so I didn't shatter it or anything (and the bulb was remarkably in tact - woo!) but definitely busted the whole illumination mechanism. It was basically just glorified shrapnel when I finished with it.

Not that I hold any serious attachment to said lighting unit (it was a hand-me-down from my uncle and was much appreciated, but not always "my style").

My bedside lamp on the other hand, George as he's known around these parts, still speaks to my soul. 

I bought him in college when I lived in my first apartment and he has been by my side ever since. It's a love affair with George and me, it is.

All this to say I am off to Target now to find a new lamp that's sure to dazzle. 

Happy weekend all! 

(and to Jenn & Kate... ONE WEEK!)


  1. Yeehaw!!! I hope you showcase your new fixture on the blawg. And I could dance right now I'm so excited. (For the blate, not necessarily your lamp, although lighting sometimes does get me going.)