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First post of the new year... How did we get here?

I'm obviously not about to lose sleep over it. Time flies when you're having fun. 

Or champagne.

As a result, it is only fitting to commemorate this post with the Great Cheers of 2013.

Though we weren't all in one place (Mike and Maggie were celebrating their anniversary at Skamania, Jared was down in Corvallis hanging out with his fire buddies) we did our best to ring it all in with proper gusto. Frankie and Matty hosted, Dean and Robin, Shamoo and Lindsey, a few others trickling in and out... I have a hard time complaining about any of it. 

Before the ball dropped, we all took a minute to go around and reflect (as so many do) on the year gone by. The good and the bad, and the promise to make a concerted effort in 2013 to focus so much more on the good.

Because there is so. much. good. 

I could prattle on about my love for my friends until I'm blue in the face - and if you've been around for a while, you know I often do - but the fact that every single one of us, no matter how bad things got in 2012, focused attention back to this amazing group of friends, this family, we have made for ourselves makes my heart burst for joy. 

Wherever we are, wherever life takes us, whatever this new year has up its sleeve for us, I rest peacefully in my existence knowing just how unreasonably blessed I am to call these people my own. 

Happy New Year!

And now yet another video highlighting Dean's formidable singing ability as we belt "100 Resolutions" into the rafters. 


  1. Happy new year!!! Sounds like a fun night. I'm glad you lived it up enough for the both of us. ;)

  2. Oh how I love this!! So beautiful. I hope to have a group of friends like this someday!