weekly gratitude

thank you reasonably stacked heels for not destroying my feet after nine hour work days

With a glass of wine in one hand and a glowing keyboard under the other (nope, nevermind, I put it down, almost spilled trying to type/sip at the same time, not that coordinated, moving on...) I find myself running over and over the list of things I need to do before Jared's old truck rattles into the driveway at 5:30 tomorrow morning to take me to PDX.

You'd think with a reasonable amount of domestic and international traveling under my belt I'd have learned by now that even a solid 24 hour headstart on semi-vital things like packing might be a good idea. 

And yet here we are, eight hours out and the most I've accomplished on that list was "eat dinner" and "make CDs" (for the drive from San Francisco to Monterey, though I'm guessing Jenn and I won't be paying too much attention to the radio unless we decide a Luke Bryan sing-along is in order - which, ok, honestly, that's going to happen, who are we kidding here?).

At least all my laundry is done so I have clean clothes for the week. Worst case scenario I'll just throw it all in a Hefty bag and hope for the best. 


1. Thank you weird Scandinavian "Berry Cassis" gummy candies! World Market has become my new supplier of chewy, fruity treats and now that I've discovered these little buggers (purple package, Katjes brand, creepy picture of a woman eating black currants with the caption "My juicy pleasure!" on the bag... Not at all inappropriate) I have a hard time not eating the whole bag. The taste of black currants is deeply comforting (and deeply delicious) and always reminds me of living in England where my beloved Ribena juice is found. Favorite flavor anything. Why isn't America as on board with currants as the rest of the world?

2. Thank you cold sunshine! I mean, if it's going to be 25 degrees outside, it may as well be pure blue skies and sunshine. And when everything is covered in frost? It looks like the whole world is glittering. It's like living in a scene from Labyrinth but without David Bowie. 

3. Thank you for California (I know, weird)! For the first time in a long time I'm really excited to be going home. Well, not home really anymore... My home is here in Portland - this is the place I miss, the place my heart aches for after more than a couple days - but my hometown is a place I'm finally becoming thankful for. And trust me, it's taken a while to get to that point. So to be able to be this happy about spending time there is a neat, neat thing. 



Time to get this show on the road!


  1. Ahhhhhh it's happening for real!!!!

    And I will belt out a Luke Bryan tune or twelve! You just ask my kids who, bless their hearts, listen to the Luke Bryan radio station on Pandora quite often while I sing along. (clinically proven to make washing the dishes more enjoyable)

    I can't wait to see you and Kate!!!