all's well that ends wells

For the past two years I have been blessed to call Kate a friend. Somehow, in the midst of one of the hardest seasons of my life, she reached out and offered friendship and prayer when I needed it most. I've always believed in kindred spirits and knowing this lady has proven that time and again.

Last week, after months of waiting, I finally got the text I'd been waiting for - her sweet baby boy was on the way! 

All night, every time I woke up, I'd check my phone to see if somehow I'd missed word that he was here. We checked in mid-morning her time ((no really, I was barely sleeping that night I was so excited so it was like, 5:30am here in Portland)) and while he was still only considering that whole being born deal, it was almost time. 

And so I waited.

And then finally, a few hours later... A sweet, tiny, perfect little face showed up on my phone. 

Welcome to the world Wells Thomas Larrabee! 

You came into this world with what I can only tell you is a sign - your mom knows how special "your song" is to me and now, with your incredible little life, you have made it that much more special. That, little man, is a sign of the amazing impact your being will be in this world.

If you get the chance, go read Kate's beautiful words about Wells' incredible journey into this life.

Sending so much love to all you Larrabees! 

((and wine... I'll soon be sending wine)) 


  1. I seriously was crying while reading his birth story. And that song... once I realized what song it was, I was a mess! That song helped me through the deployment.
    Love that I know you two and am SO HAPPY that Wells is finally here!

  2. This is SO sweet! You have such a gift with words, Lauren. It's almost ridiculous. I loved reading his birth story. You better be sending her more than one bottle!

  3. What a wonderful gift of friendship you give to our Kate.