at the end of leland road...

Bruce Weber planted the Leland Vineyard back in 1982 when the thought of trying to get pinot noir to grow out in that neck of the woods was just about as nutters as trying to get a kitten to enjoy bath time.

Even our winemaker has said that had he been the vineyard consultant back in the day he'd have insisted Bruce just let it be, make it a cow pasture and call it a day.

Luckily, Gary wasn't in the business of vineyard management and Bruce was just crazy enough to give it a try. 
Thirty years later, times have changed, the industry has grown and the vines have become gnarled... But our Leland pinot is more than just a class favorite among staff... 

It's a legacy.

For our last staff meeting, we packed up a picnic and headed out as a group to the home of one of our most beloved growers. Bruce welcomed us into his home, onto his land and out into the midst of this amazing little four acre vineyard-that-could.

And guys... It was magic.

Not only did he have home baked bread and berries waiting for us, but before we knew it he was pulling his homemade wines from his own cellar and popping corks of Leland Sauvignon Blanc ((which I'm convinced will never be topped as the best SB of my life)). Not to mention past vintages of pinot noir from 2003 ((holy past vintage, Batman - when did I become such a wine geek?)).

To top it all, what with it being Patt's birthday, Bruce blew us all away one more time by bringing out the fruit parfaits he had made with the berries and cherries from his 11 acre farm and presenting Miss Patt with a most memorable treat! 

Genuinely one of the sweetest, kindest men I've ever met. 

I kind of want to put him in a little mason jar and put him on my shelf. He's such a remarkable man.

Being treated to an evening with a Willamette Valley legend, hearing his stories and being privy to his gentle teachings at this most improbable vineyard site... I can't quite tell you. 

Like I said... Magic. 

Keep growing little pinot! We can't wait to drink you!


  1. Love it! What an experience. And your pictures are FABULOUS.

  2. I love this story! What a cool place to work! :) Thanks so much for that comment on my post a little bit ago! It really meant so much to me. I hope we can meet someday!

  3. Can I come next year? And don't you think for a second that Im not waiting for a quiet moment to bombard you with questions after your email!