that one time the perrigos came to seattle and my real camera came too.

Sometimes I realize I'm a bad photographer because too often I rely solely on my iPhone for pictures and forget almost entirely that I have a beautiful piece of equipment to capture these all-too fleeting moments of my little dudes' lives.

Well ha! I remembered this time!

And I totally don't care that the ratio of phone to camera photos is so severely out of whack!

Take what you can get!

With the mountains out to greet us, walking along the waterfront was just the perfect day.

And even though these photos don't show Jack have a pretty epic two-year old moment, they capture the day just perfectly.

Also, does it make me a bad aunt to get such a silly little kick out of seeing Jack go all TODDLER! on us and Hulk out? I'm sorry, but seeing this normally amiable little guy turn so fast is somehow incredibly amusing.

((amusing, I'm sure, because I only saw one day of it))

But seriously, when it got bad, let's just say we were all happy to see beer.

So thank you, beer.

Thanks for being there.

More to come when things took an exciting twist!


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