pray for baby kaden

Kaden Isaiah Stone.

Three weeks old.

His tiny life is barely hanging on. And we need a miracle. 

Diana is someone I have only ever "known" through this blog world. Other than a comment once in a while, I don't think I've ever spoken directly to her. But I've read her blog and kept up with her family in that way and now, my heart is aching for her. 

With the updates on her Facebook she has kept us up with the incredible little life of her son and now, when hope is getting harder and harder to hold onto, it is our turn to step up and storm the gates of heaven in Kaden's honor. 

I emailed my dad this morning asking him to pray for this perfect little life and his response brought new hope and new perspective. 

Blessed doesn't begin to cover it. Diana, if you ever happen upon this, I pray that it brings some small comfort. My dad is a mighty prayer warrior and he has joined the army fighting for your son. We are all out on the front lines for you. 

We will not be shaken. 

I cannot tell you things you already know, only remind you of what you may not have considered. God told us that He would challenge those that He would have for His own. On the surface...this may not comfort until you consider how profound His words are in this situation. "Go out into all the world and spread the Gospel"...and little Kaden is the youngest Apostle on the planet today, with help from caring, loving people like you, Kaden is reaching out "...into all the world..."!
Kaden's soul is eternally safe as of right now...should he leave those that love him, he will be with his God, who loves him as only God loves. His family started a chain of events that has had a profound effect of focusing love, and caring attention in a world that has seemingly "gone mad" with evil. What we all must focus on now is that God is in control...that is Eternal, and what we must understand now is that God has chosen Kaden as a vessel of hope for all mankind. God has made another "way of hope" for a troubled world...and while we find it hard to understand and accept, the suffering of a newborn and his family...look at what Kaden has done to reach out to many that may have taken God for seeking Him on behalf of one of His children.
As with Kaden and his are not "my" child...You are God's child...He just allowed me to be your earthly father for a time. He made you a test of my faith, and by it...made me stronger, and with that strength showed me how to make you stronger in your love of your God. As you have known....a parent's most important duty is to get his child to Heaven. Kaden, should he perish Heaven bound. Should this newborn apostle survive...he will likely grow in amazing faith, carving a path that others will follow to the God of all things...either way, Kaden is Heaven bound, and loved by his God eternally.
There is no comfort in my words...there is only comfort in God's words. If you are blessed with the amazing grace of faith, you are warmed by the love of God...and know that Kaden will rest within the loving hands of the God of our faith. That we might not understand now is a proof of our not knowing all, but sustained now by our faith.
Kaden will be in my prayers, and he will move many by faith.


**Update 26 August 2013**

Sweet Kaden went to be with Jesus. He was 21 days old. Please continue praying for his aching family as they navigate through a new world without their baby boy. Through it all, God is still good. He is always good. And Kaden is safely in his arms, never to know pain again. For that, we can all be thankful.


  1. I will be praying with all I have for little Kaden.

  2. While you know I'm not the praying type, I've had this family in my thoughts and it saddens me to hear of his passing. Good vibes and happy thoughts toward all that this loss affected.

  3. Praying. So sad to hear, but what a beautiful post.