...then before they left, the perrigos came to play.

Before they made their way out of Stumptown, my wandering Montanans popped by with coffee and pastries so we could pack in a little more time... And a little Pixar.

This was the first time I've looked at my DVD collection through the eyes of a two year-old... And realized a good portion of my collection is suitable for a two-year old.

Whatever. I love the classics and if you can't handle the fact that I own All Dogs Go To Heaven, Land Before Time and Fern Gully, then we've got bigger problems. 

Oh, and lots of Disney.


So we popped in Finding Nemo and drank our coffee while Jack developed a new love for my sheepskin rugs in between jumping on my couch like a trampoline.

Of course he stops smiling as soon as the shutter snaps.

And while Tristen gnawed on my hand, we said our final goodbyes.

I'm hoping to get out to Montana before the year is done - keep your fingers crossed! But until then, I'll have these pictures to keep me company when I start missing these guys.

John, Laura, Jack and Tristen - I won't say move back ((unless you want to, in which case I will be the one leading the parade)) but come visit anytime you want... Either that or just expect me on your doorstep as soon as you close escrow on the new place.


SO happy you came to play.


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